Shades of Blue

I love when designers carry a theme throughout an entire space. This project by Stephanie Kraus Designs does just that. Various shades of blue appear throughout this home along with some other wonderful surprises.

There are so many great things happening in this space. The chandelier is amazing. The barstools are fantastic. I love messy chevron thing they have going on. The zigs and zags aren't super precise, making it look like the pattern was drawn or painted by hand. It reminds me of doodles in a notebook, which makes this space feel more laid back.

As much as I love those barstools, my favorite part of this space has to be the hutch. It's a traditional piece mixed in with more modern furnishings, which I always enjoy seeing. But the absolute best part is that it was painted blue on the inside. It's a fairly small detail and probably would've still looked great without it, but it shows how carefully every detail in this home was considered, and it looks fabulous.

The living room is another space where the details were carefully considered. The aqua chairs on top of the dark blue rug is mirrored in both the throw pillow and the art on the wall.

A little bit of green and yellow mixed in for good measure. I love that different shades of those colors are being used here too. Notice the subtle differences in the shades of green on the bedding. I also like how the pillow and the lamp are a subdued shade of yellow, contrasting with the bright shade on the mirror. That really makes it pop and reminds me of the sun perched over the headboard.

Photography by Kyle Born


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