Colorful Minimalism

When I think about minimalist interiors, I often picture lots of black, white, and gray. But there's really no reason that a space couldn't be minimally decorated, yet colorful at the same time. This project by Lucy Harris Studio is proof.  

There is no lack of color in this space with the large teal sofa and the pink bench in the corner. But it still feels very minimalist. There is not a lot of decor in this space. No coffee table books, no objects arranged in Instagram-worthy vignettes. Just somewhere to sit and somewhere to set down your cup of coffee.

This dining room reminds me of what you might think of as "classic minimalism". Clean lines, sleek design, and very little ornamentation.

A different look at the living room. I really like that lamp. With its minimal design, it would look great in so many spaces, regardless of the style.

This kitchen is fantastic. I love the gold pendants and bar stools against the gray and white background. I also like that the countertops are a darker shade of gray than the rest of the kitchen. With a subtle blue undertone, they make the room more dynamic.

Why don't you see purple cabinets more often? I think this looks great. They would probably look great as kitchen cabinets too.

I like that the patterns on the wallpaper and the throw pillows look similar, at least from a distance. I also really like the white frames on the artwork. It helps the art stand out against the wallpaper.

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