Apartment with Incredible Details

I love seeing classic architectural details in homes. Crown molding, parquet floors, built-ins, I think they're all wonderful. This project by Michele Bitter Designs has all of these great features, along with some contemporary details mixed in. 

There are so many great things going on in this room, I don't know where to start! I love that the molding and the built-ins are so ornate. It's beautiful and wonderful. I also like the contrast between the deep blue chairs and the stark white walls, which are then joined together in the pattern on the back of the chairs. And the cherry on top is the chandelier, which really helps bring everything in the room together and make it feel like a formal dining room.

The ornate details continue throughout the apartment. I like that the front of the fireplace looks similar to built-in shelves in the dining room. The furnishings in this room are lovely too. I really enjoy the vintage trunk used as a coffee table. 

Again, I love the contrast of the blue and the white. I like how the blue starts to take over as you move from the dining room to the family room. There are still plenty of great details in this room, especially the beams on the ceiling, but they're less ornate. That and the more contemporary furnishings make this room feel casual and relaxed.

This dining nook is super cute! Yellow and gray is one of my favorite color combinations.

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