Wonderful Wallpaper

Wallpaper has gained somewhat of a bad reputation due to decorating disasters of decades past. But there are actually quite a few incredibly stylish options available today. This project by Philip Gorrivan Design shows just how awesome wallpaper can be.

This wallpaper is great because it's bold, it makes a statement, but being black and white it's not too crazy. It reads as neutral, despite the large-scale pattern. I also like that the wallpaper is used only between the crown molding and the wainscoting. It might be a little overwhelming if this pattern was used on the entire wall, but it's very welcoming the way it is.

In this room they flipped the script. No wallpaper, but lots of patterned upholstery.

I really enjoy the sofa shown in this image. The upholstery fabric is great (and would work well as wallpaper). I like the throw pillows a lot too. I like that one set matches the sofa and one set it totally different. It adds a nice pop of color, but doesn't clash with the sofa since it's still a floral pattern.

The gallery wall is fantastic as well. The frames are all fairly uniform in both color and size, making them into a cohesive whole. I also like that there is colorful print in the center, creating a focal point on the wall.

Do I spot some wallpaper behind the built-ins? It's very creative and stylish, and I love it.

I love the wall of windows leading into the sunroom. It looks great and it's a great way to bring more natural light inside. I also love that the doorway is flanked by two built-in bookshelves. Very cool.

More wonderful wallpaper in the dining room! The pattern is very subtle, so it reads as neutral while still adding some texture and depth to the room. It also helps the rug blend seamlessly with the rest of the furnishings. Because of the drastically different colors, the rug would stick out, but the pattern on the wall helps tie it in with everything else. 

My goodness, there's just so much to talk about in this room. I love that the wallpaper extends to the ceiling. I also really like that the molding and the wainscoting are painted gray. It makes the walls and ceiling look like a continuous surface.

I absolutely love this banana leaf wallpaper. I can't really explain it, but I'm crazy about anything that has this pattern.

More wallpaper on the ceiling! The pattern reminds me of waves or clouds and feels very soothing. A great choice for a bedroom.

The wallpaper in this hallway is fabulous. Love the color, love the pattern, love that it's everywhere.

The purple birch tree pattern is adorable. A very sophisticated choice for a child's bedroom.

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