Historic Rowhouse Renovation

This renovated rowhouse, designed by Kerra Michele Interiors, is a perfect combination of old and new. I love the contemporary design mixed with the traditional architectural elements, especially the exposed brick.

This entryway is fantastic. The blue door is delightful and the trim on the wall is incredible. I love the oversized mirror too. It's a great statement piece and it helps brighten up the space by reflecting the natural light.

I absolutely love the chevron fireplace! The built-in shelves surrounding it are pretty great too.

I love the design on the wall. I'm not sure if it's tile or if it's painted on, but either way it looks outstanding. It's a very creative idea and makes the space feel very personal.

I love the white cabinets mixed with the leather pulls and wood trim. Those details add a bit of warmth to the space and make it more dynamic. I really like the backsplash tile too.

Love the ombre shower curtain.

Another great bathroom. I like that the fixtures and tile are the opposite color of those in the bathroom pictured above.


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