Fabulous Church Conversion

I love when non-residential buildings are converted into homes. Schools, factories, warehouses, you name it. But more than any of those, I love a good church conversion. With their high ceilings and unique architectural details the results are always stunning. This project, designed by LABLstudio, is one of my favorites.

Right off the bat you have a beautiful blue arched doorway. I love seeing unique architectural details in homes, and since this wouldn't normally be found in a residential space this is about as unique as it gets.

I love the teal subway tile and that it extends all the way to the ceiling. I also love the gigantic mirror on top of the cabinets. It helps give you a sense of how high the ceilings really are.

This sunken seating area looks like a great place to lounge. 

One of the best parts about church conversions is that there is almost always some sort of loft space. I love when homes have multiple levels, especially in apartments.

Here we get a closer look at the furniture and decor in the loft space. I like the brightness of the pink coffee table and the turquoise rug mixed with more muted navy blue chair and gray sofa. I also like the arched lamp in this space. Normally, I'm not a big fan of them, but in this particular space, it's a great way to add overhead lighting.


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