Decorating with Shades of Gray

I'm a big fan of gray. It can have cool or warm undertones, resulting in an whole spectrum of shades. This makes it very versatile and can pair well with any colors or style of decor. This project by Ann Lowengart Interiors is a great example of how exciting gray can be.

In this room alone, you can spots dozens of shades of gray. You have the very subtle, light gray of the walls, medium tones on the sofa and bench, and a much darker gray on the rug. Even though gray dominates the color scheme in this room, it's still a very dynamic space because of the many shades and temperatures of gray being used.

Also, it may not be gray, but I still have to mention this. That chandelier is amazing! Very creative and beautiful.

Love the wallpaper. It's a great way to introduce another color into the space and it helps bring out the blue undertones in some of the furnishings.

Another look at this incredible living room. I love the wall of French doors with transoms above. It brings in so much natural light. Also, from this angle you can see the vaulted ceiling. Just wonderful!

I love how light and bright this kitchen is. I especially like the dining area. It incorporates some darker shades of gray along with some browns in the chair legs and the chandelier, making it feel like a distinct space within the kitchen.

I love the mirrored furniture and the lucite bench.

And now for something completely different. I'm usually not a big fan of bright pink, but this room is really fun! I also love the marbled look of the wallpaper.

I love the reclaimed wood accent wall. It's an awesome unique feature and it adds texture to the space. I really like the bedding too.

Another fantastic bedroom. I love the tall tufted headboard. The rug and the chandelier are wonderful too.

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