New Build with Tons of Personality

This new construction home designed by Allison Burke Interiors is anything but bland. From the colorful tile to the intriguing upholstery, this house is oozing with personality.

Where do I start with this kitchen? There are so many things I love. First, the aqua tile is fantastic. I love the color and I love that the tile is not just limited to a backsplash. The full tile wall is a bold choice, but I think it looks outstanding. Next, the light fixtures are so unique and wonderful. And, last but not least, the dining area. I'm crazy about the built-in bench off the island. It's a great use of space and a nice alternative to barstools along the island.

I love the fabric on the chairs. The pattern is subtle, so you can see it up close, but from far away it looks like it's just one color. I also like that it's sort of shimmery and looks different depending on how the light hits it. The rug in here is beautiful too.

I love the wood accent behind the bed. The headboard blends in and makes it look like it extends all the way up the ceiling. Very cool.

More fabulous tile here. I love that they went with red. Not something you see very often in bathrooms. It's a nice accent against the light gray marble. Also, how cool is it that there's an outdoor shower?

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