Eclectic Townhouse with Global Flair

Eclectic style is hard to define because it can mean something different to everyone. This townhouse, designed by Noz Design, is a great example of an eclectic home. The designer expertly mixes and matches pieces of different styles to create a cohesive look.

There are so many things going on in this room. Modern pieces mixed with traditional pieces, light and dark colors, different textures. But it works because everything seems very deliberate. If not for that, this room could have easily gone off the rails and looked totally crazy. Instead, it looks incredibly stylish.

With a closer view of this part of the room, you can see the thin yellow band around the mirror. That additional pop of yellow helps tie the yellow chair in with the rest of the room. 

This dining area is a great example of eclectic design done well. The modern wishbone chairs and tulip table along with the traditional canopy chair looks wonderful. Throw in the bold, hand-painted wallpaper and you have yourself an incredible space.

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