Modern Glamour

I love interiors with a little bit of glamour. Too much can make a space look over the top, but just the right amount looks fabulous. This home designed by Contour Interior Design is glamorous, while still feeling fresh and modern.

I love the coffee table. Anything with stripes is all right with me. I like that it's thick and solid and not really a table per se. It works well here since the sofa has thin legs and isn't very visually heavy, despite being a large piece of furniture.

This room is fantastic! I love that there are so many different textures in here. You have two sofas upholstered in different fabrics, the leather on the barstools, the stone fireplace, just to name a few. It makes this room interesting to look at and it's beautiful.

How cool is this dining area? There are so many awesome things going on here, I almost don't know where to start. I love that the banquette is built in to a nook in the wall. And that the wall of the nook is upholstered. And the incredible design carved into the trim on the wall. 

Here you can see how these spaces fit together. Also, I love the geometric brass pendants over the island and the chevron rug.

Another amazing room. The accent wall behind the bed is incredible! I also like that the chairs, the rug, and the throw pillows all have the same pattern.

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