Blue Bohemian

Bohemian style is great because it can be so personal. While many bohemian interiors have a lot of similar characteristics, each space feels unique. This home, designed by Lisa Gabrielson Design, is a great example of unique and personal bohemian design.

This room has some pieces often associated with bohemian interiors, such as the macrame curtains and the peacock chairs (which I love, by the way), but it has some unexpected elements too. The contemporary pattern on the the rug and the shell chairs are not normally seen in bohemian design, which makes this space feel much more personal.

I love the tie-dyed curtains and the layered rugs.

The color scheme throughout the rest of the house is reversed in the bedroom. Instead of lots of blue furnishings paired with light walls, we see blue walls with light colored furnishings. It helps this room feel a little more calm and serene, while still maintaining the boho vibe.

I love the mirrors hung on either side of the bathtub. It's a little unusual, but it looks pretty cool.

The tile accent wall is great. The pattern is awesome and it makes the room a little more interesting.

Love the wallpaper!

The architecture of this room feels a little more traditional, with the coffered ceilings and the built-in bookshelves, but the layers of textiles and the various patterns bring the bohemian back in.

Another bathroom with fantastic wallpaper! I also love the subtle chevron pattern around the edge of the mirror.


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