Palm Beach Meets West Coast

I love interiors that make you feel like you're at the beach, whether it be in the Hamptons or in Malibu. While there are several different regional coastal styles, they all have similarities, making them easy to mix and match. The beach house, designed by McCann Design Group, mixes classic Palm Beach style with California cool.

Right when you walk in the house you get some classic beachy style with the white walls, light wood floors, and palm fronds. 

Here you see a little bit of California style with the light color palette and the modern brown leather chairs. I absolutely love the side tables. I like that they're a darker shade of blue so they stand out. I really like the pattern on them too. 

This kitchen is the epitome of coastal style. Whether you're on the East Coast or the West Coast, whether you're in Nantucket or Palm Beach, blue and white are pretty much staples of that signature beachy look. I love the marble island with the waterfall feature and the clever built-in storage. I also really like the textured look of the blue accent wall. It reminds me of waves in the ocean.

I'm usually not a big fan of white on white decor, but this seating area looks like a great place to relax with a nice cold glass of lemonade.

This bedroom looks so calm and serene. I'm really digging the mix of white and barely-there light blue. And then you have the wicker chair, a staple of Palm Beach style, bringing a little warmth to the space..

Another wonderful beachy bedroom. Even though everything in this room is blue and white, all the different patterns as well as the different shades of blue make it really interesting to look at. I love the blue ceiling and the French doors that open the room to the outside.

I love the zen vibes in this bathroom. With the Buddha statue right outside the window, the plants, and the white fixtures this bathroom feels so serene. I could see myself relaxing in here for hours.

This bathroom has a bit of a different aesthetic than the rest of the house, but it definitely still has that coastal style. The light browns and beiges remind me of sand, so I still feel like I'm at the beach. I like that they decided to go with a different color palette here because room after room of all the same colors can start to get a little boring or overwhelming.

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