Contemporary Hamptons Style

When you think of houses in the Hamptons, you probably think of traditional interiors with a mostly blue and white color palette. This home designed by Anna Burke Interiors is a breath of fresh air, putting a contemporary twist on classic Hamptons style.

The architecture of this home definitely has that traditional Hamptons vibe, but the furnishings are much more contemporary. I love the console table and the fabric on the stairs.

I love the scalloped edge on this sofa. It's a very unique detail. I adore that accent table too. The black and white striped top along with the gold legs is fantastic.

This living room is beautiful. I really like the variety of shades of blue and green used in this room. It definitely still embraces the Hamptons aesthetic, but bringing another color into the mix makes the room more dynamic. I'm crazy about that coffee table. I also love the yellow green piping on the lounge chairs. Small details like that can really elevate ordinary pieces and make them into something special.

I love the upholstery fabric on the sofa. The whole piece has a traditional feel, but the side table makes this space a little more contemporary.

This dining room is fantastic. It has a lot of elements of that traditional Hamptons aesthetic, but it still feels very fresh and new. I love that it's light, bright, and open to the outdoors. I also like that this room feels very beachy. The blue rug along with the light wood table and the wicker caning on the chairs reminds me of the beach. Also, that chandelier is incredible.

I love that this kitchen has a farmhouse feel to it. I really like the butcher block countertop on the island and the open shelves. The pendants are fabulous and give the space a modern twist.

The tile behind the stove is wonderful!

I absolutely love those light fixtures! Definitely nothing traditional about them.

This bathroom has somewhat traditional furnishings, but the color palette is not what you'd expect. Chartreuse and magenta? Yes, please!

The master bedroom is closer to what you'd expect in a traditional Hamptons home. It looks great though! You really can't go wrong with blue and white. I love the gold chandelier over the bed, adding a bit of contemporary flair. I also love the vaulted ceiling.

I love the wallpaper on the accent wall and I love that it matches the curtains.

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