Vibrant Urban Condo

This vibrant, contemporary condo, designed by Emily Summers Design Associates, is wonderful. Each space throughout this home feels very sophisticated, but the smart use of color keeps it from feeling too stuffy.

That chandelier is beautiful and it looks great in this space. I absolutely love the legs on the table. They're such an interesting shape, almost like a funnel. Also, notice that the sconce is a very similar shape to the table legs. This is a very well-designed space. 

This space is fantastic. It has a simple color palette--dark gray, red, and white--and they use those colors perfectly. I like that they went with red sofas. It's just the right amount of color and it makes the space look balanced. I also like that the went with dark gray on both the wall and the rug. It really helps define this seating area as a distinct space within this open concept home.

I love the yellow ottoman and chair. Again, they used color perfectly in this space. Adding large scale pieces with a bold color, rather than just smaller pops of color, makes this space feel a little more approachable.

That headboard is fantastic! I love the deep teal color and the texture that it adds to the space. I also love that it extends beyond the constraints of the bed frame.

With this alternate view of the bedroom, you see more spot on use of color. I love the combination of teal and chartreuse for the furniture. What I love even more is the bedspread and the pillow on the chair match the colors of the furniture, so you get that awesome color combination twice in the same room. Also, I love the large scale art on the wall. It's a beautiful piece and looks great in this room.

This second bedroom is fantastic too. I love the graphic print on the headboard and that the colors match those of the rug and the floating nightstand.


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