Quirky Industrial Loft

I love seeing spaces that mix and match design styles seamlessly. This loft designed by Jessica Ayromloo Interior Design has several industrial elements throughout mixed with some contemporary and rustic pieces, making for a quirky, fun, highly personalized space.

This bedroom has a refined feel to it with the muted color palette and beautiful details on the wall, but the air duct flowing across the ceiling gives the space a little bit of an industrial edge.

I love the industrial look of the shelves. The yellow and blue objects along with the red posts remind me of Mondrian's paintings. Also, the bright orange entryway is probably the definition of quirky, but it works well in this space.

That planter is so cool! It makes me think of a flower that's blooming. I've never seen anything like that before, it's very unique.

Speaking of things I'v never seen before, check out those incredible chandeliers! I'm guessing they were custom made for this project. They're really fantastic. Those, along with the dining table, really add to the industrial vibe of the space.

I love the mirrored dresser/armoire combo. The knobs and the pink frame are fantastic too!

The cherry wallpaper is so cute! I really like the wall lamps on either side of the bed too. Those elements make this bedroom feel fun and playful.

I love the rustic, yet playful look of the reclaimed wood on the island.

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