Family Home with Classic Details

Contemporary interiors with sleek design and clean lines are very popular these days, but I'm a big fan of old homes with classic details. This family home, designed by Amity Worrel & Co, sets current trends aside, focusing instead on elevating the historic details and making it a functional and comfortable place to live. 

This kitchen is fantastic. I love the color of the island and cabinets and the large hexagon tile. I also love the dark trim around the windows and doors. That's one of those classic architectural details that I love seeing in homes.

I'm really digging the backsplash. The subway tile arranged in a stacked bond pattern goes with the classic look of the kitchen, but the wavy, varied colors add a little personalization to the space.

I absolutely love the big bay windows and the banquette that fits with the curve of the wall. I also like that they chose a tulip dining table and bentwood chairs. These are modern pieces, showing that the homeowners chose furnishings that they like, rather than trying to achieve a specific look, which is pretty much my personal design philosophy.

This living room is so cute! I love that they put a little bistro table here instead of a coffee table. But with the chairs there, it makes it a perfect place to have a cup of coffee. Such a creative and fun idea. I love the shutters on the windows too.

I like the traditional look of the vanity. It looks like it might have been a dresser or a buffet that was converted into a bathroom vanity. The light fixtures are really interesting too. It looks like they're attached to both the wall and the ceiling. Sort of a pendant-sconce hybrid.

I love the tile in here. The graphic tile on the floor adds some dimension to the space and the subway tile in the shower goes with the classic look of the home. I really like the rugs too.

This bathroom has a whole different kind of classic look, with the checkerboard tile and the clawfoot tub. Not to mention the black penny tile around the bottom half of the room and the exposed brick. 

I love the setee at the foot of the bed, especially the upholstery fabric.

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