Luxurious Parisian Apartment

I absolutely love 19th century European apartments. High ceilings, parquet floors, balconies, beautiful intricate details, need I say more? This Parisian apartment, designed by Emma Donnersberg Interiors, is one of my favorites.

Between the incredible furnishings and the beautiful architectural details, this apartment feels very luxurious. I especially like the light fixture and the coffee table. Not to mention the wonderful French doors. The giant mirror is pretty great too.

I love parquet floors. I'm a big fan of patterns, so of course I'm crazy about patterns that are built in to the floor. I especially like chevron floors (herringbone is definitely my favorite, but chevron is a close second).

I love the artwork on the wall. It adds a pop of color to the room, but it's pretty subdued so it works well with the neutral color palette.

This console table is such an interesting shape. I really like the patina-ed look of it.

This kitchen is fantastic. I love the birch tree wallpaper. I've never seen it used in a kitchen before, but I think it looks great. The table legs remind me of birch trees, which is very cool. I also really like that the sconces are similar to the light fixture in the living room. I love when design elements are carried through multiple rooms in a home.

I like the pattern on the wall behind the bed. It's more interesting to look at than just a plain white wall. It sort of looks like a very tall headboard since it doesn't extend beyond the bed. I also really like the metallic sconces.

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