Bright and Cheery

In addition to being comfortable and functional, well-designed interiors can evoke certain emotions. With plenty of natural light and delightful pops of color, this home designed by JL Interior Design, feels cheerful from top to bottom.

How could you not feel happy looking at this space? I love the purple chairs paired with the neutral palette of the rest of the room. It's the perfect amount of color to bring some cheer into the space, while still maintaining a refined and sophisticated vibe.

That artwork is beautiful! It has a floral feel to it, but it also kind of reminds me of butterflies fluttering around. I would definitely be happy if I got to look at this work of art every day in my home.

Even though there is less color in this room, it still feels cheerful. I love how much natural light there is in here. I also really like the floral pattern of the upholstery fabric on the dining chairs.

The mirror over the vanity is fantastic! It looks a sort of like flower petals, or maybe like lace.

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