Scandinavian Minimalism

As much as I love interiors with lots of color and patterns, sometimes I just can't help swooning over minimal white and gray spaces. This Gothenburg apartment is a great example of how beautiful minimalist spaces can be.

This kitchen is the epitome of Scandinavian minimalism. Clean lines throughout, only the bare essentials (plus some flowers to liven up the space), neutral color palette. This kitchen is so minimal that there aren't even any knobs or pulls on the cabinets. This is just about the exact opposite of how I would decorate my own home, but I can't help but be entranced by it.

This room also has only the bare essentials, but some browns and rusty reds are introduced into the color palette to warm the space up a bit. Even in the most minimal of spaces, it's nice to add a little warmth to keep the space from feeling too cold or sterile.

This bedroom feels like the perfect place to get a good night's sleep. The bedding looks very soft and comfy and the light fixture really complements the dreamy feel of the space. Also, this probably isn't something that most people would find appealing, but I love that there aren't any windows. I'm the type of person that get woken up with even the slightest bit of light, so having a bedroom without windows (and therefore no need for blackout curtains) sounds perfect to me. 

From this view of the room you get a better sense of the actual paint color. I love this shade of dark gray and it's actually very similar to the color of my bedroom. It makes the space feel calm and relaxing, very conducive to good sleep.

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