Artistic Mid-Century Home

Artwork, whether it be paintings, photography, or other types, can make a house into a home. A large scale piece or a well-edited gallery wall can really pull a room together and infuse a space with personality. This home designed by Alison Damonte features several fantastic works of art, along with plenty of artistic features throughout.

This living room is a great example of how artwork can be the perfect finishing touch in a space. I have no doubt that this room would still look fantastic without the painting on the wall, but the delightful pop of blue really makes the space feel whole.

I love the chartreuse velvet chairs. I also like the shag carpet that adds a little mid-century flair to go along with the beautiful original 1960s fireplace.

Between the artwork and the Sputnik chandelier, this room has a very vintage vibe. This is another great example of how artwork can make a space. Even though they have been around since the 1960s or earlier, Sputnik chandeliers are still very popular. Without the vintage prints, this space would probably have a very different feel.

This kitchen is incredible. I love the lime green legs on the stools. I also love the backsplash tile. Not only is this a fantastic space, but the shot itself is great. The close up view of the Sputnik chandelier is so cool. It makes me think of the sun and it looks like it's shining down on the kitchen. Very artistic.

I love when diamond tiles are arranged like they are here. It creates an optical illusion and there are so many different shapes you can see.  

I love this adorable dining nook! The colors on the banquette are great, and I really like that the trim matches the color of the chair. But, the best thing about this space is probably the artwork. The geometric print along with the light pink print are both reflected in the pillows along the banquette. One of the pillows also has a bit of the same color as the chair. All of these elements work together really well to create a polished, finished space.

In addition to the art on the wall, there are several things in this space that could be considered works of art. I love the sculptural look of the lamp along with the large scale graphics on the rug.

I love the wallpaper. Yet another element that isn't art in the strictest sense, but still feels very artistic. I like that they used the same lime green/chartreuse color that you see in several other rooms throughout the home.

I love the wallpaper in here too. It looks like a large scale water color painting.

I love the geometric shower curtain with the hexagon tiles. Like in many other rooms throughout this home, colors found in the artwork on the wall are reflected in other elements in the space. It's not immediately apparent, but if you look closely you can see that some of the blues and grays in the painting are also on the shower curtain. 

Photography : Bruce Damonte


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