New Traditional Style

Classics are classics for a reason, but that doesn't mean traditional style has to feel stuffy or old. This home designed by Heather Scott Home & Design embraces new traditional style with plenty of fresh and modern, yet timeless pieces throughout.

I absolutely love this vignette. Mostly white pieces with a strong pop of navy blue looks fantastic. I really like the black drum lampshade too. Details like that make this space feel a bit more current, while still maintaining traditional style.

I love the chandelier and the gold side table. Those pieces add the "new" element to this fairly traditional bedroom.

This dining room is a great example of new traditional style. You have all the components of a formal dining room with the set of dining chairs, chandelier over the table, and rug underneath, yet it feels fresh and modern. I like that the head chairs don't match the rest of the chairs, both in color and shape. It puts a modern spin on the space. Also, I have to point out the fantastic wallpaper. Nothing traditional about that!

I love the navy blue walls with the light gray furniture. The furniture makes the space feel timeless and the dark walls and curtains add a little drama and personality.

I love the color palette in this room. You really can't go wrong with with blue and white with gold accents. This space is another great example of new traditional style. Some of the furnishings, such as the bed and the dresser, feel a bit more traditional, while the desk area feels a bit more sleek and modern. Pair that with a classic color palette and you've got yourself a fantastic space.

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