Beach House with a Hint of Glam

Beach houses and glam aren't usually things that go together, but this home designed by Studio H Design Group blends these different design styles seamlessly.

This bedroom is wonderful. It has a beachy vibe with the white bedding and abundant natural light, but it also has plenty of glam. My favorite part is definitely the wallpaper. I love the marbled look of it. I also really like the rug. It goes with the beach look, but the gold adds a dose of glam.

I love the metallic accents throughout this space. It adds a hint of glam without being overpowering.

I love the black lace curtains. It adds drama to the space while still allowing plenty of natural light in.

The all white kitchen definitely screams beach house and the brass hardware and accents bring in the glam. I love the light chevron floors too.

That banister is so cool!

I love everything about this space. The shelves are definitely my favorite part. So unique and creative. I love the upholstery fabric on the Eames chairs too. It has that marbled look, like the wallpaper in the bedroom. I also really like the nook in the corner. This is a great family room, I would love to spend time in here.

I love the pendants on either side of the bed. Those along with all the velvet bring the glam in this space.

I love the light fixture over the mirror. Also, normally I wouldn't like the giant knobs on the vanity, but they work in this space and I actually think they look fantastic. I really like the black faucet too. It's a great, unexpected detail.

This seating area is so great! I love that they didn't use typical outdoor furniture. Why not put a purple velvet sofa on your patio (assuming the climate you live in permits it)?

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