Jewel Tones and Bold Patterns

I'm a big fan of bright saturated colors and bold patterns in interiors. Interior designer Sasha Bikoff doesn't hold back with the vibrant hues in this incredible New York apartment.

I'm in love. The bright saturated jewel tones on the furniture in the living room are fantastic. All those pieces are so bold that the rug, which is fairly striking itself, looks somewhat muted in this space. I love the floral print on the dining chairs too.

How cute is this cabinet? I love the art deco vibe that it has. Also, I really like the pastel pink mixed with the white and black accents. 

I love the butterfly pattern on the throw pillows. I also like the bright pink upholstery on an antique-style chairs. It creates an interesting juxtaposition between old and new and it looks fantastic.

I love the bright blue antique side table. It fits in really well in this space.

The deep purple chaise longue is fabulous! That throw looks super soft and comfy. I love the butterfly wallpaper in the powder room too!

I rarely use this term to describe interiors, but this bedroom is super dreamy. Between the crystal chandelier, the floral print setee, and the huge sheepkin rug, this incredible space really makes you feel like you're dreaming.

I love the pink satin curtain in front of the doorway. It really adds to the dreamy, luxurious vibe of this bedroom.

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