10 Bathrooms with Incredible Tile

In the past, bathroom tile was a utilitarian item, but now there are so many different shapes, colors, and patterns that tile is now thought of as a design feature. Due to the wide range of products available these days you can really get creative with bathroom tile and create beautiful, unique spaces. Check out some of my favorite bathrooms with incredible tile below!

I love how the tile is arranged in this bathroom. It creates sort of a zig zag pattern. The individual tiles are pretty simple--blue and white diagonal stripes--so you could create lots of different patterns just by laying out the tile a little differently. I also love that the tile extends up behind the shelves.

Source: Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design

I love the splash of bright blue tile in the midst of clean white tile. The subway tile on the bathtub is very cool too.

Source: Stone Textile Studio

I love how they use different colors to create shapes within the  tile, both on the floor and in the shower. The diamond tile on the floor creates an optical illusion, so you can see lots of different shapes depending on the way you look at it. I like how they color-blocked the different shades of gray in the shower. It kind of makes it look like a bunch of puzzle pieces. I also really like the brass fixtures in the shower.

Source: Veneer Designs

The floor-to-ceiling tile in this bathroom is amazing. It makes quite a statement.

Source: Regan Baker Design

I'm a big fan of fish scale tile. I especially like this bathroom because of the variety of shades of blue and green that are used. It almost looks like scales on some sort of exotic fish.

Source: Camilla Molders Design

I love the large hexagon tile. Even though there's lots of black in this space, it's softened by the light gray grout and the rose gold fixtures. Also, how great is the long marble niche in the shower?

Source: GIA Bathrooms & Kitchens

I love the color of the subway tile on the wall. It looks great with the brass fixtures. I really like the way the tile on the floor is laid out to create diagonal stripes.

Source: Ryan White Designs

I love these teal and white tiles, but I also love the randomness of the way they're arranged.

Source: Arent & Pyke

Herringbone is one of my favorite patterns, so of course I love any space I see it in. I like the white grout with the black tile, which allows you to very clearly see the herringbone. I also like the subtle hexagon tile on the floor to contrast the boldness of the wall.

Source: Ali Budd Interiors

I always say you can't go wrong with classic subway tile, and this bathroom is no exception. The tile on the floor is great too. I love how the smaller shapes on each tile combine to create larger shapes

Source: Katie Martinez Design


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