Modern Home with Dramatic Contrasts

Design elements, such as color, can be used to define spaces throughout a house or other building. Studio Griffiths uses dramatic contrasts to differentiate between public and private spaces in this sophisticated modern home.

I love the drama of the contrasting colors in this space. It's not just light colors and dark colors in the same space. It's stark white and pitch black in the same space. It could be somewhat jarring to see those two extreme colors used together, but the space is tempered with a variety of blues and grays. 

I absolutely love the gray marble island. The painting on the wall is beautiful too. I love all the contrasting shades of blue within the piece.

This kitchen is about as dramatic as it gets. The black floor-to-ceiling cabinets contrast with the stark white range hood and walls. The light gray marble island contrasts with the dark gray marble backsplash. This space certainly makes a statement.

The living room is a lot lighter than the kitchen, but it still has plenty of drama. I love the contrast of the black border around the built-ins with the shelves and the walls. The shelves probably would have faded into the background without the black border to provide that contrast. I love the sofa too. It looks very comfy and adds a casual, laid back vibe to a sophisticated space.

I like that they put chairs and task lighting in this hallway, making this area into a mini living space. It invites you to sit down and enjoy a space that you normally would just pass through. 

That wall art is fantastic. It creates a bit of drama and contrast without having to add an entire wall of black to the space.

I love the bedspread. The small scale herringbone pattern reminds me of backsplash tile.

This home office is very dramatic with the black walls and white trim. I love the desk. It's a really interesting shape.

This bathroom feels less dramatic than other spaces, but you don't necessarily want a lot of drama in here since bathrooms are a place to relax and refresh. That said, there's still plenty of contrast with the black faucet and white cabinets, and the light and dark gray marble.

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