Timeless and Refined

Interior design trends are great and fun, but following them too closely can end up making your space look dated after a while. Designing your space with mostly classic furnishings and inserting a few trendy pieces here and there is the way to go to avoid a constant cycle of updating and redecorating. This home designed by Hudson Interior Designs is a great example of timeless interiors that feel both refined and personal.

This room has some contemporary pieces, but the neutral, yet colorful color palette and the classic architectural details make it feel timeless.

This living room is probably the definition of timeless. It doesn't feel old or outdated and it doesn't feel overly trendy. Just a beautiful, well-designed space.

I love the upholstery fabric on the head chairs. It adds a little global flair to the space. I love the bubble chandelier too. This space feels refined and sophisticated, yet still very fresh and not stuffy.

The dining area off the kitchen is wonderful. While mid-century modern pieces, like these shell chairs, are popular these days, I feel like they still have a timeless quality to them. Classic pieces that aren't tied to a specific style or era.

I love the classic subway tile backsplash and the metallic accents on the pendants and the range hood.

I love the dark gray walls. The lighter furnishings as well as the abundant natural light keep this room from being too dark.

I love the marble counter tops along with the sage vanity and classic fixtures.

This bedroom is fantastic! The furniture and bedding are somewhat traditional, but the pop of green from the bed frame adds a little contemporary flair, giving it a timeless feel.

Another delightful bedroom! I love the pink and white stripes on the wall. Adorable!

This bathroom is fantastic. I love the chevron tile on the floor. The color palette is great too. Even though there's lots of neutral tones in here, there's actually a lot of different tans, browns, and grays, if you look closely.

I love the tile on the shower floor. I like that they kept the same color palette as the rest of the bathroom floor, even though it's a different pattern.

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