Modern Hollywood Regency

There are so many different design styles that I love, but one of my absolute favorites is Hollywood regency. I love the glitz and the glamour, the vibrant colors, and the luxurious feel This home designed by ae design puts a modern spin on this classic style.

This entryway feels a little bit more contemporary with the white walls and light floors, but the throw pillows add a little bit of the signature Hollywood regency glam.

We get a little more glam on the other side of the hallway with the gold console table. I love thin purple outline around the mirror too.

Here we get a healthy dose of glitz and glam. I love the upholstery on the furniture. It just looks so soft. The mismatched mint green and lavender chairs along with the white sofa are wonderful. I love the textured look of the wallpaper too.

I'm crazy about that coffee table. I love the sculptural look of it. It really makes a statement and feels like a work of art.

I love the wallpaper in here too. The pattern adds a subtle texture to the space and it looks great.

This kitchen feels a bit more modern than the other spaces with the white cabinets and stone countertops, but the pendants over the island add a pinch of glam. They're a little unexpected in this space, but it goes well with the decor throughout the rest of the home.

I like that they have a dining table in addition to the seating at the island. It's more conducive to conversation during family dinners. I love the cobalt and gold sideboard in the background too.

Another wonderful glamorous space. This bedroom is a little closer to what I imagine when I think of Hollywood regency. I love the navy blue bed frame along with the burgundy sofa. That chandelier is fantastic too.

I'm in love with the chandelier in here too. The walls in this bathroom are interesting. It looks like the shower walls and the one behind the bathtub are made of concrete blocks. It gives it kind of an industrial vibe.


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