Color Palette: Pink and Green

Pink and green is a classic color combination. It's found in nature and is used often in fashion. They also go together quite well in interiors. When I think of pink and green rooms, I often associate it with children's spaces, but this duo works well in any room. Below are some great examples of chic, sophisticated spaces featuring this winning combination.

I love the tropical vibe of this bedroom. The upholstery fabric is fabulous. It reminds me of palm trees or some other type of tropical plant. I love the pink trim on the headboard too, along with the other pink accents throughout the room.

Source: Anne Hepfer Designs

I like all the different shades of pink in this room. Pink is the more dominant color of the two in this space, but if you look closely you can see plenty of green accents. Also, you have the tree right outside adding a little more green to the space.

Source: Marianne Jones

One great thing about this color combination is that there are so many different shades of each one that you can create so many different variations of pink and green. I love the pastel pink chairs along with the mint green walls in this space. Very chic.

Source: Decorpad

I love the light green headboard along with the bright pink throw blanket. I also love how the shades of pink and green in the wallpaper closely match those used on the bed.

Source: Kathryn Ivey Interiors

This is not something I expected to find, but here it is--a pink and green kitchen. The pastel green cabinets look fantastic with the coral pink chandelier. This seems like a difficult color combination to pull off in a kitchen, but I think they did it just right and it looks wonderful.

Source: Decorpad 


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