Organic Modern Style

In recent years, there has been an infatuation with streamlined modern interiors with clean lines. I get the appeal of minimal, uncluttered spaces, but sleek modern interiors have always felt a little cold to me. That's why I'm a fan of organic modern style. It has the same simple, clean feeling of other modern interiors, but with natural materials and colors mixed in to add some warmth and character. This lovely home designed by Katherine Carter Design is a great example of this style.

This space has the clean lines and uncluttered feeling that other modern spaces do, but it also has plenty of warmth and a natural feel. I love the wood beams and the brown leather sofa.

From this angle you get an even better sense of what organic modern style is. The chairs and the mirror over the fireplace have a minimal, modern feel and the abundance of plants and wood bring organic into the mix.

I love the wallpaper in here. It's not what I was expecting to see, but the floral pattern fits in well with the natural, organic feel of the home.

This bedroom is wonderful. I especially like the dresser. It feels sleek and modern, but natural at the same time with the wood front. I can imagine that this bedroom would be a dream come true for a morning person, with all the natural light streaming in.

I love claw foot tubs. I can't really explain why, I just think they look really cool. I love that there's a plant in here too. You can never have enough plants in a home. Also, I love how much natural light there is in here. I prefer my bedroom to be a little darker, but when it comes to bathrooms and other spaces, the more light the better.

This dining room is fantastic. So far, all the wood in this home has been darker shades so I like that they went with a lighter wood for the furniture and shelves. Variety is always a good thing. I really like the chandelier too.

This kitchen is beautiful! I love the thick wood shelves against the white subway tile. The copper range hood is fabulous too.

Another great space in this home. Like with all the other rooms, there is a great mix of modern furniture and organic materials.

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