Color Palette: Yellow and Gray

Some colors looks great together because they're very similar. Others look great together because they contrast with each other. One of my favorite contrasting color combinations is yellow and gray. They work together well because yellow can liven up a neutral space and gray can tone down a vibrant space. Below are some of my favorite yellow and gray spaces:

I love the bright yellow chairs and window treatments. The various shades of gray throughout the rest of the space do a great job of toning down the yellow and keep the room from being too bright. Also, the magenta flowers look incredible with the yellow too.

Source: Diane Bergeron

This room is a great example of how yellow can add a little life to a neutral space. I think it would still look amazing without the yellow, but the few pops of color bring this space to the next level.

Source: Ann Lowengart Interiors

This hallway is fantastic! I love the light and dark shades of gray mixed with the yellow. The messy stripes are so cool too. Such a fun and creative space!

Source: Dayka Robinson Designs

I love the floral print wallpaper in here. I like that there's some white mixed in with the yellow and gray. I think it would be a little too much if the flowers were only yellow. The floral print makes the space feel happy, yet relaxed and laid back at the same time.

Source: Emily Condon Design

I don't think I've ever seen a yellow claw foot tub before, but I love it. It looks perfect in this space, especially since it's a softer, more neutral yellow, as opposed to a striking, bright yellow. I love the curtains too. I like that they're yellow with gray flowers instead of the other way around. It makes them stand out instead of blending in with the rest of the wall.

Source: Decorpad

I love the color blocking in this kitchen. The strip of yellow really makes this kitchen unique. I love how the yellow looks with the gray open shelving. The owners of this kitchen could've easily made the wall all white, but they took a risk and now they have a fantastic design feature that stands out and makes this space truly their own.

Source: Decoist

The pop of yellow from those shelves is fantastic. It's just what this space needed to liven it up a little bit. As with the previous space, they could've easily gone with a different color for the shelves, but the yellow makes them stand out and really makes this kitchen special.

Source: Top Dreamer

I like all the different shades of yellow and gray in this space. The light yellow floral print wallpaper and the nightstand feel a bit traditional, but the bright yellow accents and the bed frame make it a little more contemporary.

Source: Pinterest


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