Eclectic, Pattern-Filled Home

I love interiors that are filled with patterns. Whether it's floral print, chevron, or quatrefoil, patterns help create unique spaces and are just fun to look at. This home designed by Creative Tonic Design features a multitude of patterns, creating the perfect backdrop for the eclectic furnishings. 

Between the artwork, the pillows, and the rug, this space has just the right amount of pattern. The subtle pattern of the rug is a great base to start layering the other furnishings on, and the rest of the patterns create accents throughout the space. Pattern makes this living room a little more fun and interesting and helps highlight the eclectic style of the home.

I love the library nook off to the side. I would love to kick back with a cup of tea and read a good book in this space.

How cool are those prints of parakeets? Very unique pieces of artwork, especially displayed in a kitchen.

I love the striped marble on the island, complete with a waterfall feature. This kitchen is fantastic and really adds to the eclectic vibe of the home.

Once again, in this space the patterned rug is a great base to layer the rest of the furnishings on. I love the pops of orange throughout the space contrasting with the grays and browns.

The wallpaper in this powder room is fabulous! I'm a big fan of the birch tree pattern. Even better, this wallpaper appears to have a metallic finish, creating a reflection on the wall. Very cool!

As I alluded to earlier, I love floral print. I like that there are two very different types of floral print in this bedroom. You'd think they wouldn't work well together, but they do. Also, I love the nook that the bed is nestled in. It creates a smaller, cozy space for sleeping within the larger, more open room.

I love the built-in bookshelves within this little sleeping nook. It really adds to the intimate, cozy feel of the space.

Another type of the floral print introduced into the space. Like with the bed and chaise longue, you'd think the pattern on the chair wouldn't go with the walls, but it does.

I like the mirrored fronts of the drawers and cabinets in this closet. It makes the space feel larger and more open.

This bathroom is fantastic. I love the brass fixtures and the marble throughout. I love the patterns that are created by the marble. There are natural patterns within each tile and the tiles are arranged in patterns. It's truly remarkable.

I love the pattern around the rim of the sink. It's sort of a modified Greek key pattern. Very cool!

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