Color Palette: Black and White

Like with furnishings and design styles, color trends in interior design come and go. Just a few years ago, pastels and other light shades were all the rage, but now we're heading back toward bright and bold colors. However, there are certain colors that will never go out of style. The two that come to mind--black and white. No matter what your tastes are, I think most people would agree that black and white is a classic, timeless color combination. There is so much that can be done with these two colors. This combo can be bold or subtle and fits well in just about any space and any style. Below are some of my favorite black and white spaces:

I love the tile arranged in diagonal stripes. The large scale stripes throughout the entire room is bold, but the black and white color palette make this design element a little more restrained.

Source: Bonesteel Trout Hall

I adore the wallpaper in here. The pattern is so cool. I love the black sink and fixtures paired with the white counter too.

Source: Domino

This bathroom is amazing! Of course I love the herringbone tile on the wall, but the tile on the floor is fantastic too. I really like the Greek key pattern around the edge of the floor. I love the overall design of this room and the black and white color palette makes it even better. So chic!

Source: Jean Stoffer Design

This bedroom looks so cozy. With all the natural light pouring in, the black walls aren't overpowering. In fact, I think it makes the space feel very soothing and relaxing. I would love to take a nap in here.

Source: Entrance

That bedding is amazing! I love the hand-drawn feel of the pattern. Even better, it's herringbone!

Source: Homedit

I love black and white floral pattern wallpaper. I like how the pattern is sort of reflected in the lucite console table. The pops of green from the lamp and the plant are delightful too!

Source: Allison Lind Interiors

I love the black cabinets in this kitchen. This space is proof that kitchens don't have to be all white to feel bright and open. It's clean, simple, and elegant. Oh and did I mention beautiful?

Source: Cuff Home

Another great example of a bright and open kitchen, featuring a heavy dose of black. The giant white marble island helps brighten up the black floor-to-ceiling cabinets, along with plenty of natural light.

Source: GIA Renovations

Here we have a mostly white kitchen with a few black accents. Those accents give this kitchen more of a timeless quality than it would have with brass or copper accents, for example. Those two metals are popular now, but could make a space look dated in a few years. Black is classic and will always be in style.

Source: Studio McGee

I'm usually not a big fan of ultra-modern spaces, but something about this kitchen speaks to me. I like the  various shades of gray mixed in. It softens the hard lines throughout the space and adds a little warmth, so it doesn't feel too cold and sterile.

Source: Home Designing

I love the bohemian meets mid-century modern vibe of this dining nook. The tulip table and the shell chairs are classic pieces that look fantastic in black and white.

Source: Veneer Designs

I love that black and white are intertwined seamlessly throughout this space. The white trim on the black dining chairs looks amazing. I love the black shades on the white lamps. I also love the mismatched mirrors. Every detail in this room was very thoughtfully considered.

Source: Decorpad

I'm in love with the upholstery fabric on the chairs. The complementary artwork is very cool too. It looks like a piece was cut out of one and put on another canvas.

Source: Megan Winters

This space is very simple and it looks incredible. A classic color palette to go with classic pieces. End of story.

Source: Cynthia Carlson Associates

I love those dining chairs. A black frame with a white cushion would look great by itself, but then you have the pattern on the back of the chair to take it to the next level. 

Source: Decorpad


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