Pattern Play: Quatrefoil

Quatrefoil is one of my favorite decorative elements, often seen as a repeating pattern in interiors. Like with most of my other favorite patterns and design elements, quatrefoil is very versatile. It can create a chic and sophisticated environment or it can make a space feel playful and whimsical. Not only can quatrefoil create beautiful patterns, but it is also a popular shape for furnishings, such as mirrors or light fixtures. Below are some of my favorite spaces featuring quatrefoil:



This bedroom is a great example of a sophisticated space featuring quatrefoil. The pattern on the wall creates visual interest in the space, but the neutral color palette also helps keep it in the background. It perfectly complements the chic furnishings, making for a refined, tailored look.

Source: Carriage Lane Designs

This dining room is a great example of how quatrefoil can be playful and whimsical. This space just feels fun. The contrast of the white background and the navy blue shapes makes the pattern stand out. It the perfect backdrop for the fun and playful decor.

Source: Amie Corley Interiors

Bathrooms are a place where quatrefoils are often seen, usually in the form of tile. I love the large-scale quatrefoils covering both the floor and the walls. Since these ones are just touching and not interlocking, another interesting shape is formed between each group of quatrefoil.

Source: Traditional Home

The smaller scale tiles in this bathroom create a lovely accent behind the bathtub. Very chic.

Source: Northworks Architects

I love this wallpaper because, depending on how you look at it, you can see two distinct quatrefoil shapes. Both types of quatrefoil are created by the space between the adjacent shapes. At first I could only see one shape, but after looking at it long enough I saw the other shape too. Very cool.

Source: Laura Casey Interiors

I love the quatrefoil trim on those doors. It's a wonderful, unique detail that makes the space feel sophisticated and refined.

Source: Shayelyn Woodberry Interiors

The tile in this kitchen is fantastic. I love the grayish blue color that varies from light shades to dark shades, depending on how the light hits it. I love the shapes of the tile too. There is additional space between each quatrefoil, which creates an X-shape. Another unique and creative way to create a pattern using quatrefoil.

Source: Decorpad



The quatrefoil mirror fits in perfectly with the other eclectic furnishings and patterns in this space. It's a simple accent, yet still has enough flair to not look out of place.

Source: Lily Bunn

Here we have a different take on the quatrefoil mirror. The shapes are contained within the mirror and overlap to create additional shapes. The light wood finish on the frame makes this mirror fit in perfectly with this neutral, more restrained space.

Source: Cottage Home Company

I absolutely love the quatrefoil table lamps. They're very unique and not like most other lamps. I also like the quatrefoil embroidery on the bedding. Such an adorable bedroom!

Source: Decorpad

That console table is fantastic. I love that it features two different quatrefoil shapes. One top you have the more traditional "four leaf clover" shape and below it you have a more modern angular design. A wonderful, one-of-a-kind piece.

Source: Kendall Simmons Interiors

The quatrefoil chair is the perfect accent in this bathroom. It adds a little pop of color and some visual interest to this neutral space, yet is still very complementary. Also, I spot curtains in the mirror with a very subtle quatrefoil pattern. This is a beautiful space.

Source: Erin Gates Design


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