10 More Bathrooms with Incredible Tile

Bathrooms with unique and creatively-arranged tile designs are one of my favorite types of interior spaces. As I mentioned in this post, there are so many different shapes and colors of tile available that there is pretty much no limit to what can be done. It was so difficult to choose just ten of these amazing spaces last time, so I decided to share ten more bathrooms with incredible tile. Enjoy!

I love this twist on classic hexagon tile. The white lines make each individual tile look sort of like a seashell. I like the way they've arranged the tiles in groups of three, creating an entirely new shape. The thing I like most about this space is how the tile flows from the bathtub to the floor, creating a seamless, built-in look.

Source: Veneer Designs

While subway tile is nothing new, I absolutely love the shade of blue in this bathroom. It looks fantastic with the gold mirror and sconces.

Source: Casework

This bathroom shows that you don't need color to create a stunning space--black and white will do just fine. I love the woven look that they created with the tile. And the matte black fixtures are to die for!

Source: GIA Renovations

I love the simple, white chevron tile paired with the ornate, colorful graphic tile. You wouldn't think they would go so well together, but the end result really is fantastic.

Source: Jean Stoffer Design

This bathroom really takes classic hexagon tile to the next level. Tile on every surface? Why not?

Source: Adam Hunter

Arranging tiles vertically is a great way to change up the classic subway tile look. I love the dark shade of blue paired with white grout. It really makes the tiles pop.

Source: Pinterest

I love fish scale tile and I think it looks especially awesome in bathrooms. Normally you would see it as a backsplash or on a shower wall, but it looks great on the floor in this space. A great alternative to square or hexagon tiles.

Source: Domino

This bathroom is simply stunning. I love the turquoise subway tile. The tile on the floor is the same type of tile from the first image in this post, but the way it's arranged makes it look entirely different. This goes to show you that by just altering the arrangement of your tile you can create and totally new and unique look and feel in your space.

Source: Coveteur

Clearly I'm really digging hexagon tile right now. I love the sage tile on the wall paired with the yellowish brown shade in the niche. Also, I love the unfinished look at the top of the wall. I assume it was intentional, but either way I think it looks really cool.

Source: Apartment Therapy

It must have taken hours to design and arrange these tiles, but it was worth it because it looks incredible. I love diamond tiles because they create an optical illusion. Depending on the way you look at it they can look like 3D cubes or like six-pointed stars. And probably plenty of other shapes. I love how it looks like the tile is flowing from the wall down on to the floor.

Source: Ideas Para


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