Colorful Modern Farmhouse

When I imagine a farmhouse, I think of traditional furnishings with some shabby chic decor mixed it. This home designed by D2 Interieurs goes against everything you'd expect from a traditional farmhouse, featuring modern furnishings and plenty of color.

Usually I like to start a home tour with an interior image, but you really have to see the exterior of the home in order to understand how unexpected the furnishings and decor throughout the home are. This looks like a very traditional home that will be filled with traditional decor. But it's not.

This kitchen is definitely unexpected. You have some traditional farmhouse elements, such as the apron sink (aka a farmhouse sink), but everything else is totally unique. I love the bright green pendants. You see so much copper and brass these days, so it's really refreshing to see something different.

Between the tulip table, the shell chairs, and the bubble chandelier, everything about this dining nook screams modern. The window shades are pretty cool too. They add sort of a quirky vibe to the space.

This living room is amazing! And probably even more unexpected than the kitchen. I love the combination of colors and metal accents throughout the space. It adds a dose of glam, but still feels very tailored and polished.

I love the purple bed frame and the bright blue bench. I also really like all the different textures in this room. Everything on the bed looks very soft, contrasting with the roughness of the walls.

The wallpaper in here is beautiful! I love the pattern and the color. It looks  great with the claw foot tub. I love when modern and traditional elements are mixed together.

That cobalt vanity is incredible! It looks amazing with the gold mirrors and sconces, which also happen to match with the wallpaper on the other side of the room. Everything about this bathroom is excellent.

More modern touches to go with the traditional elements of the home. I love the bold pattern of the wallpaper. Also, the bright yellow looks great with the subtle mint green cabinets.

I love the bright blue window shade and the pattern on the chairs. I also like how certain colors are repeated throughout the space. It ties everything in the room together without looking too matchy-matchy.

I love the floral print headboard and the pink nightstand. Everything in this room feels very spring-like.

That rug is beautiful! I love the pattern and the deep turquoise color. Also, I like that the pattern on the throw pillows is also seen on the light fixture. I love when decorative elements, such as pattern or color, are carried throughout a space. It shows that everything down to the smallest detail was carefully considered and makes for beautiful, well-designed spaces.

They inserted color wherever they could in this home. If you look closely, you can see a subtle pattern on the pink wall. This is a great way to add some flair to a space that might otherwise be overlooked.

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