Color Palette: Blue and White

There are many classic color combinations used in interior design, and several of them have one thing in common--white. One of my favorite classic combos is blue and white. These colors pair so well together and can really complement any style, from timeless and sophisticated to laid back coastal. Below are some of my favorite spaces featuring blue and white:

I love the laid back, bohemian vibe of this bedroom. The dark blue bedspread perfectly complements the stark white walls and high ceilings.

Source: Adore Home Magazine

This space shows that white furnishings on a blue background can look great too. I love that the pattern on the walls is also seen on the curtains and the throw pillows. And then we have a little Greek key on the ottoman to mix things up.

Source: Celebrate & Decorate

Light blue looks just as nice with white as dark blue. I love the way the tile is arranged in the shower. If you look closely, you can see that each diamond is made up of smaller quatrefoil tiles. Very cool.

Source: Palmer Weiss Interior Design

This little window seat nook is so cute! I love the blue and white chintz wallpaper along with the brass sconces. I would love to have a space like this in my home.

Source: Chinoiserie Chic

I love seeing patterns mixed together and it's done perfectly in this space. Even though the pattern on the walls and curtains is very different from the pattern on the chairs, they go well together because the colors are the same. The two patterns end up complementing each other rather than competing for attention.

Source: Pinterest

I love the wallpaper in this bathroom. It has sort of a hand-drawn quality to it, which really makes it feel laid back and casual.

Source: Anja Michals Design

This living room feels sophisticated, yet casual and playful at the same time. I like that there are both blue and white furnishings and that blue and white both serve as background colors in different areas of the room. Each one can be the dominant color in a space or it can be an accent color.

Source: Tobi Fairley

I love the light blue vanity. It allows the black hardware and fixtures to stand out without totally fading into the background.

Source: Kate Lester Interiors

I love the blue and white wallpaper above the wainscoting. A lot of people might just paint that area a solid color, but adding a pattern there makes the space a little more visually interesting. It complements the white walls rather than contrasting with them. It helps keep the space feeling light and bright.

Source: Salt Design Co.

Another space that shows that light blue looks great with white too. Two-tone cabinets are very trendy right now and I can see why people like them. This is a great kitchen.

Source: House of Nomad

I love the bold, dark blue island. It looks fantastic with the stark white cabinets and countertops. It makes a statement, but it doesn't dominate the rest of the space.

Source: Brooke Wagner Design

I love the blue and white floral wallpaper. The white accents soften up the dark blue and complement the large white dining table. I really like the tribal pattern on the armchair too. It works well with the wallpaper since they are similar shades of blue.

Source: D2 Interieurs


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