Pattern Play: Ikat

Ikat is an intricate, detailed pattern often seen in interiors on upholstery fabric,  window treatments, and other decor. It's actually a dyeing technique, resulting in a wide variety of elaborate patterns. It's a great way to add color, personality, and a little global flair to any space. Below are some of my favorite spaces featuring ikat:

As I mentioned above, ikat is often seen on upholstery fabric. I love the navy blue and white pattern with the few pops of lighter blue mixed in on the chairs. The ikat looks great with the quatrefoil on the window treatments. Those patterns mix well together because they are both a similar color and scale. 

Source: Stephanie Kraus Designs

I love the shape of the headboard. With the ikat pattern, it looks like a work of art hanging behind the bed. It looks great against the green wall too. The two shades of green are similar, but the headboard is more of a lime green so it stands out a little bit.

Source: Philip Gorrivan Design

I love banquettes in dining areas and the ikat pattern makes for a beautiful one in this space. The salmon-colored trim looks fantastic with that shade of blue. 

Source: Creative Tonic Design

The turquoise ikat drum pendant is amazing! A fantastic accent in this wonderful, eclectic space.

Source: Decorpad

There are so many things I love in this space. The black and white ikat window treatments are the perfect foundation for additional layers of color and pattern.

Source: Karen B. Wolf Interiors

This powder room is the perfect space for bold ikat wallpaper. Since it's a small room, the pattern doesn't feel overwhelming. The white fixtures and decor tone down the pattern too and keep the space from being too loud.

Source: Mona Ross Berman Interiors

This ikat pattern is a bit different from the other ones we've seen so far. I love the peacocks all over the wall. They blend in well with the rest of the pattern, so it doesn't look strange having a bunch of birds on the wall.

Source: J.K. Kling Associates


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