Curated Southern Home

Normally, I'm not a big fan of Southern interiors. They're usually a bit too traditional or rustic for my taste. This home designed by  Jayme Armour Interiors is a different story. Each space is carefully curated to create a refreshing twist on Southern design.

This living room is such a breath of fresh air. While there are a lot of traditional furnishings, the modern accents throughout make for a unique and inviting space. I love that the fireplace is painted black. It really stands out and becomes a focal point in the room.

That gallery wall is outstanding. You really get the sense that each piece was chosen carefully and deliberately--curated, if you will.

This dining room is fairly traditional, but it doesn't feel old or stuffy. The colorful artwork makes this space feel a little more fun. This is a great space to sit down and have a casual conversation over a meal, or to host a formal dinner party.

I love the artwork on this side of the room too. These three monochromatic pieces add a little refreshing modern flair to the space.

This vignette is fantastic, mixing modern and traditional elements seamlessly. Despite the different design styles, the sleek, clean lines of the console table look amazing alongside the traditional dining chairs. I love the mirror and the table lamps too.

Another wonderful vignette. I absolutely love that console table. I really like how they propped the artwork up against the wall, instead of hanging it.

That chaise longue looks so comfy. I usually associate chaises with traditional interiors, but this particular piece feels very modern, with clean lines, as opposed to curves and flourishes.


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