Color Palette: Black and Gold

Color is a powerful design tool that can transform the look and feel of any space. One color combination that really packs a punch is black and gold. Spaces featuring these colors always feel so glamorous, evoking the classic Hollywood Regency style. Below are some of my favorite spaces featuring black and gold:

That sideboard is fabulous! I love that gold is the main color with black accents. Usually when you see black and gold paired together, gold is the accent color (like with the coffee table in this room), so it's interesting to see the roles reversed.

Source: Decorpad

In this room, both black and gold act as accents in a mostly white space (white is a fantastic color to mix in with black and gold). I love that big gold mirror and the black hide rug layered on top of another rug.

Source: Megan Winters

That black and gold artwork is awesome! Other pieces of art might get lost against the patterned wallpaper, but the gold background really makes each piece stand out.

Source: Elizabeth Krueger Design

Here we get a heavily black and gold space. This space definitely screams Hollywood Regency. I love the optical illusion created by matching mirrors on both sides of the room. Those gold table lamps are fabulous too.

Source: Decorpad

This bedroom is amazing. I love the black accent wall with the abstract gold artwork. This looks like a calm and relaxing space, but it still has plenty of personality and flair.

Source: Domino

This bedroom also has a fantastic black and gold accent wall, but what I love most about this space is the various black and gold pendants. Not only are there multiple pendants, which is an unconventional choice, but the pendants are different shapes too. A wonderful, creative idea.

Source: Apartment Therapy

This bathroom is fantastic! I'm a big fan of that Kelly Wearstler wallpaper and it looks incredible with the gold accents and that fabulous black sink.

Source: Leo Designs

Another incredible black and gold bedroom. I like that even though the gold pieces act as accents against the black wall, there still a lot of gold in this space because they're all fairly large scale pieces. I love the live edge headboard too. I don't think it's actually gold, but the light wood mimics the metallic shade.

Source: Lee Kleinhelter


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