Pattern Play: Chevron

I'm a big fan of intricate, detailed patterns, but sometimes simple is better. One of my favorite simple, classic patterns is chevron. It's sometimes used interchangeably with herringbone, but I see them as two distinct patterns. Chevron is more of a continuous zig-zag with each piece of tile or flooring meeting at a point, whereas with herringbone each piece is perpendicular. Below are some of my favorite spaces featuring chevron:

In case you're confused about the difference between chevron and herringbone, this picture should help make it a clearer. Notice the zig-zag pattern on the wall (chevron) versus the tiles laid perpendicular to one another on the floor (herringbone). I love the combination of teal and white on the chevron. It adds a fun and playful vibe to the space.

Source: Decorpad

Speaking of fun and playful, check out that chevron rug! Certainly a bold choice, but this designer did a great job of balancing the colors in this living room. Too much bright yellow could be quite jarring, but the whites and browns tone it down, making for a lovely, cheery space.

Source: Lee Kleinhelter

I love the sideways chevron on the banquette. While grays and black often read as neutrals, the variation on this pattern really makes the banquette stand out.

Source: Karen B Wolf Interiors

That door is amazing! I love that shade of blue and the chevron pattern carved into the door is so cool. What a wonderful, unique piece.

Source: Lindsey Lane Design

While chevron is often used as a large scale pattern, sometimes it is used sparingly, in a less obvious way. The chevron frames on the mirrors are very subtle, letting the bold floor tile take center stage.

Source: Shannon Eddings Interiors

Chevron is often seen in tile and flooring, but it is also commonly used on bedding, upholstery, and window treatments. I love all the bold colors in this space, especially the multi-color chevron curtains. Also, it's very subtle but if you look closely you can see a chevron pattern on the rug too. This is such a great space because it shows that traditional interiors can be fun and colorful too.

Source: Rethink Design Studio

That chevron tile is beautiful! I love the various shades of gray in each tile. I also really like the the straight lines on each individual tile don't exactly line up. The imperfect look is very cool.

Source: Lindye Galloway Interiors

The chevron in this space is very subtle, and it looks fantastic. I love that the used a pattern in a contrasting color as an accent, rather than carrying it through the whole space.

Source: Terracotta Design Build

This space is incredible! I absolutely love chevron floors. I love the juxtaposition of the modern furnishings and the traditional architectural details. And those stained glass windows are stunning!

Source: Marion Collard


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