10 More Beautiful Blue Kitchens

While they're mainly a functional space, kitchens are a great place to add some personality and pizzazz to your home. As I mentioned in this post, I love colorful kitchens, especially blue ones. Whether it's the cabinets, the tile, or the appliances, kitchens look great with a healthy dose of blue. Check out some more beautiful blue kitchens and let me know which ones are your favorite!

I love the blue cabinets paired with the black countertops and backsplash. I like that they went with a light blue. The space might feel a little too dark with a deeper shade of blue, but the way it is now looks fantastic.

Source: Black Lacquer Design

This deep shade of blue is beautiful. I really like the antique brass finish on the hardware and faucet. It's not as shiny as other brass finishes, so it complements the color of the cabinets rather than contrasting with it.

Source: Karen Berkemeyer Home

More beautiful deep blue cabinets in this kitchen. I love the copper pendants over the island. It's great that they're a smaller scale since the island is fairly small. I love that the faucet is copper too.

Source: White Arrow

These navy blue cabinets look fantastic with the dark gray countertops. Even though there are lots of dark colors in this space, it doesn't feel too dark since there's a healthy dose of white to lighten things up a bit. 

Source: Arent & Pyke

This kitchen feels so bright and cheery! I love the additional pop of blue on the interior of the island. Those barstools are wonderful too.

Source: Rebel House

I love me a good blue island, but this kitchen takes it to the next level with the graphic blue backsplash tile. Just wonderful.

Source: Murphy Moon Design

I love the chinoiserie vibe of this kitchen. The cabinets and hardware have a bit of a weathered, patina-ed look to them. They remind me of antique trunks. I like the pattern on the walls too. It's sort of like a modified Greek key. This kitchen is very unique and I love it.

Source: Andrea Schumacher Interiors

I absolutely love the shade of blue of the cabinets, but if it's possible I think I love the blue knobs on the stove even more. The two shades of blue are very similar, but not exactly the same, but they look amazing together.

Source: Decorpad

The tile in this kitchen is fantastic. I love both the shade of blue and the graphic pattern. My favorite part of this kitchen is that the floor-to-ceiling tile continues on the floor. It looks amazing and is a really clever way to create a distinct area within an open concept space.

Source: Alida and Miller

I've already mentioned my affinity for copper pendants, but this kitchen has something else I adore--leather barstools paired with a blue island. The reddish brown shade of these barstools looks fantastic with the dark blue shade of the island.

Source: Hannah Collins Design


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