Quirky Coastal Home

Many coastal homes tend to have a similar aesthetic, both in terms of color and decor. While I’m a fan of the quintessential coastal color palette—blue and white—I’m not drawn to the traditional style of furnishings and decor that usually accompany it. This home designed by Caroline Beaupere Architecture + Design is a different story. With plenty of quirky and unexpected furnishings throughout, this home is anything but traditional, yet is still distinctly coastal.

The views in this home are amazing. I love that you can see water in almost any direction you look.

This kitchen is very modern, yet it still feels coastal. I love the blue and white backsplash tile. Those geometric copper pendants are wonderful too.

Here’s where things start to get a little quirky. The cowhide upholstery is definitely not something I’d expect to see in a coastal home. I love the lamp and irregularly-shaped rug. And again, the view of the water is fantastic.

That couch looks so comfy. I bet it’s a great place to lounge and read a good book. I love the chandelier in the dining room off to the side in this shot. It’s pretty similar to the pendants in the kitchen. I think it’s great when design elements or decor are carried throughout a home.

That tile is amazing! I love the deep navy blue with some lighter shades mixed in. It looks great with the simple white vanity. The tile really makes a statement, so there’s no need for anything bold or ornate in the rest of the space.

I adore this bedroom. Not only are the furnishings wonderful, but it really feels like a great place to relax and unwind. A lot of bedrooms you see in design magazines or on blogs feel overly styled to me, but this one feels different. I could really see myself getting a good night’s sleep in that bed.

Now this is totally unexpected. I absolutely love the butterfly wallpaper, but it’s one of the last things I’d expect to see in a traditional coastal home. That antique desk is lovely too. I love the juxtaposition between the modern wallpaper and a traditional piece of furniture. Just wonderful!


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