Color Palette: Pink and Gray

Gray is probably my favorite neutral color. It can have both warm or cool undertones, rendering a multitude of different shades. As a result, gray looks fantastic when paired with almost any color. One color combination that I especially like is pink and gray. Like gray, pink comes in a variety of shades, making the combinations endless. Below are some of my favorite spaces featuring pink and gray:

I love the modern pink coffee tables paired with the traditional architectural features in this space. I also like the light gray chair mixed in with the dark shade of gray on the walls.

Source: Decorpad

This space feels like a great place to relax and binge watch Netflix. The shade of pink on the couch is very subdued and almost reads like a neutral. But it still stands out enough to add a little bit of personality and flair to the room.

Source: Kristen Panitch Interiors

Pink and gray mix together seamlessly in this space and there are multiple shades of each color that can be seen in various places throughout the room. I love the gray wood wall, which adds both depth and texture to the space.

Source: Brooke Wagner Design

I love the contrast of the pastel pink chairs with the dark gray walls and curtains. It’s sort of a twist on the classic black and white combo. It feels similar because of how different the two colors are, but it adds a bit of softness to the space.

Source: Decorpad

That rug is fantastic! So far we’ve seen lighter, more neutral shades of pink, but there’s nothing wrong with a deep, bold hue either. Since the chairs are a light shade of gray, it really allows the rug to be the star of the space.

Source: E Interiors

Here we have another bold shade of pink. The pink chaise adds a much-needed accent to this space, without being overpowering or feeling out of place.

Source: Merigo Design

This living room is amazing. There are so many things I love about it. Going with multiple large-scale pieces in such an intense color is a bold move, but it works in this space. I think the gray walls compliment the furniture really well and help tone down the bold pink color. I’m crazy about that rug too. I love how all the different colors work together to create something so beautiful. It’s really a work of art.

Source: Rob Stuart Interiors

Now normally I only feature residential spaces, but this one was too good to pass up. The pastel shades of pink and gray look fantastic together. The banquette is incredible. I love the unusual shape of the backrest. It reminds me of a headboard on a bed, giving this space a homey feel.

Source: Annsley Interiors


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