Pattern Play: Trellis

While I wouldn’t consider myself a minimalist, I tend to gravitate towards simplicity in interiors. Whether it’s furniture, fixtures, or decor, I usually don’t like lots of flair or ornamentation. The one exception to this rule would probably be with patterns. I love intricate and complex patterns and one of my favorites is trellis. One of the reasons I like trellis is because there are lots of variations of the pattern, which makes for unique, personalized interiors. Below are some of my favorite spaces featuring trellis:

That’s a lot of trellis! Yet this room still works. The pattern on all surfaces breaks up the monochrome quality of the space and makes it more visually interesting. Also, since the same pattern repeats throughout the room, it almost reads as neutral, keeping the room from feeling too loud or overwhelming.

Source: Decorpad

Trellis looks great in all kinds of spaces. It adds a little bit of flair to what otherwise might be a dull, drab space.

Source: Waterleaf Interiors

I love the large-scale trellis pattern in this space. It’s a bold choice, but I think it looks fantastic. This version of trellis is a little bit different than the pattern we’ve seen in the previous spaces, which shows you how many variations there can be.

Source: Decorpad

That wallpaper is fabulous! I love how it is both a solid color and a pattern at the same time. The trellis can only be seen in the right light. It subtly adds a bit of texture and visual interest to the room. So cool!

Source: Decorpad

Another room with lots of trellis. I’m a fan of rooms with wallpaper on the ceiling and this space is no different. Like with the bedroom above, the floor-to-ceiling trellis helps break up the monochrome quality. Since the furnishings in here are solid colors, it doesn’t feel like there’s too much pattern in this space.

Source: Rethink Design Studio

While trellis is often used on wallpaper and upholstery fabric, there are other ways to incorporate this pattern into a space. In addition to the trellis on the bar stools, notice the trim on the cabinets is also a trellis pattern. It’s not as obvious since it doesn’t repeat as many times as a pattern on furniture or wallpaper, but I would definitely consider it trellis. It’s a really creative way to add a little flair to kitchen cabinets.

Source: Traci Connell Interiors

Another creative way to incorporate trellis into a bathroom. I love that they arranged different interlocking shapes to create the larger pattern. Such a beautiful space!

Source: Robeson Design


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