10 Wonderfully Cozy Bedrooms

In every home I’ve lived in, my favorite space has always been my bedroom. When I was a kid I would spend hours in my bedroom reading, writing, drawing, or one of my many other favorite childhood activities. As an adult, I don’t spend quite as much time in my bedroom, but I’m always eager to get in bed early and watch some Netflix. To me, a bedroom is so much more than just a place to sleep. It’s a safe place that provides a respite from all the craziness in the world. It’s calm and relaxing and makes you feel comfortable. In a word, it’s cozy. Check out these wonderful bedrooms that are pretty much the definition of coziness and let me know what you think!

Everything in this bedroom looks so soft, from the bedding to the fabric on the bench to the carpet. The neutral colors are very calming and the variety of tones keeps the room from feeling too monochromatic.

Source: Studio DB

I’m a big fan of tufted furniture, so I love that there’s plenty of it in here. It’s really great that the bench at the foot of the bed is somewhat oversized, so it’s almost like having a sofa in the bedroom. And who wouldn’t want that? I also love that the headboard fits into a little nook in the trim on the wall. I love a good nook and it really adds to the coziness factor in this space.

Source: Rob Stuart Interiors

I love the bedding in here. It has a great geometric pattern and it looks very fluffy and comfy. I could definitely see myself both relaxing and sleeping soundly in that bed.

Source: Garden Designs

I love the wall behind the bed. Such a great feature! This bedroom feels cozy to me because the dark colors are very calming and the bed looks super comfy. You can tell that this is the owner’s happy place.

Source: Loczi Design

Like with pretty much every other cozy bedroom, that bed looks super comfy. I love the geometric pattern on the comforter. The blue-ish gray shiplap wall is awesome too. I like that they decided to go with a darker color instead of white. It definitely adds to the coziness. I like the pops of pastel pink to balance out the dark colors. Also, that chandelier is delightful!

Source: Adore Home Magazine

Chunky knit blanket. Enough said.

Source: Archer Interiors

I love the tufted bed along with the exposed brick wall. Mixing modern and traditional elements always makes for a wonderful space. I love that there are two chaises in addition to the bed. You can relax and lounge in here without having to be in bed.

Source: Tamara Eaton Design

That headboard is fantastic! I love that it extends past the bed, creating a sort of nook. And we already know how I feel about nooks. The bedding looks so soft and comfy too.

Source: Kingston Lafferty Design

I love black walls in a bedroom. In other spaces black walls might make the room feel dark or “moody”, but in a bedroom I think it feels cozy. It helps that the furnishings are all lighter colors and that there’s plenty of natural light coming in.

Source: Elizabeth Lawson Design

I love all the different shades of gray in this room. It’s really cool that the wainscoting sort of frames the low bed. Also, I love the chair being used as a nightstand.

Source: Historiska Hem


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