Color Palette: Black and Orange

Color is a powerful design tool that can totally transform a space and give it a personal touch. Some color combinations, such as blue and white, are timeless, while others are more trendy or associated with seasonal decor, such as black and orange. Since it is so closely associated with Halloween, you don’t often see black and orange in everyday decor.

I challenged myself to find some spaces featuring these colors. They’re actually very chic and not kitschy, like you’d expect. The key to decorating with black and orange without making your home look like a year-round Halloween party is to incorporate other, complementary colors into the space, such as white, gray, or blue. Also, incorporating a few different shades of orange can give the space depth and help create a more timeless look.

Source: GR Interiors

Source: Decorpad

Source: Decorpad

What do you think? Would you decorate your home with black and orange? Let me know in the comments!


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