Pattern Play: Greek Key

I love patterns in interiors because they add texture, depth, and visual interest, and can turn a bland space into something special. Some patterns are simple, some patterns are intricate, and some patterns, such as Greek key, are a little bit of both. While Greek key patterns are made up of simple interlocking lines, the end result looks very complex and intricate. It is often seen in interiors as a decorative border, but it can also be found on fabrics, wallpaper, and even furniture. Below are some of my favorite spaces featuring Greek key:

Here we have a classic Greek key pattern used as a decorative border. It definitely adds a bit of flair to the plain white curtains. Also, the simplicity of the Greek key complements the floral pattern on the chairs rather than competing for attention.

I love the pops of color and pattern throughout this space. The pattern on the chairs is a bit different than what we saw above, but I would still consider it Greek key. Also, the coffee table base forms a Greek key shape. It’s both beautiful and practical.

Source: Ellen Kavanaugh

This wallpaper is fantastic! I love the blocks of Greek key between the octagons. It definitely adds that “something special” to the space. So fabulous!

Source: K + K Interior Design

In this space, Greek key is the perfect finishing touch. There’s a lot going on in this room between the floral headboard and the flourishes of the mirror. Like the first space we looked at, the Greek key complements everything else in the room, adding a touch of sophistication and keeping the space from being too cute.

Source: Chenault James Interiors

I love me a good banquette. And one covered in an awesome pattern is even better. The Greek key in this space is a little different than what we’ve seen so far, but it’s still a pretty common variation. The beautiful shades of blue paired with the white chairs and bench makes me think of Greece (which I hope to visit one day).

Source: Laura Casey Interiors

This vanity is incredible! I love the Greek key trim along with the black, gold, and gray color palette throughout the space. So chic!

Source: LGB Interiors


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