10 More Adorable Dining Nooks

Dining nooks are one of my favorite spaces in a home (especially if it features a banquette). As I mentioned in this post, I love the cozy and intimate feel of dining nooks. They’re a great place to gather in a more casual setting than a formal dining room. Below are 10 more of my favorite adorable dining nooks:

While I’m generally not drawn to more traditional design styles, I can’t help but find this dining nook totally adorable. I love the leaf pattern on the banquette and all the antique plates hung on the shiplap wall. Also, the tulip table and the drum pendant add a modern spin to this cozy little nook.

Source: Chenault James Interiors

I love the glam vibe of this dining nook. The dark blue velvet upholstery on the banquette looks so luxurious (and I’m sure it feels sinfully soft too). Pair that with some neutral colors and metallic accents and you’ve got yourself a fantastic space.

Source: Ella Scott Design

I love the wallpaper in this space. The pattern looks like it was hand-drawn. I also really like the banquette, even more than most. You often see banquettes in a corner or another nook, but this one has some extra space built in. As you can see, it creates a ledge for plants or other items. I also love the built in storage on the side—the perfect place to store adorable little rain boots!

Source: Unpatterned

Here’s a great example of a banquette built in somewhere other than a corner. I love all the shades of gray in this space, and the pop of brass from the pendant light is the perfect finishing touch.

Source: Third Coast Interiors

This has got to be one of my favorites from this list. Normally I’m not a big fan of pastels, but paired with that bold, colorful artwork and the bright red light fixture they look fantastic. I also like the modern tulip table paired with more traditional chairs.

Source: Pinterest

When I think of a dining nook, I usually picture a built in banquette or other bench in the space, but that is certainly not a rule. This nook might not accommodate a family eating dinner, but it’s definitely a cozy, intimate space, perfect for sharing a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. I love the thick marble base of the table—sort of a variation on a classic bistro table. Also, those chairs look super comfy.

Source: Decorpad

This space is fantastic. I’m a big fan of chevron, so of course I adore the wallpaper. I love the distressed, reclaimed look of the wood on top of the banquette too.

Source: Damskov Construction

It’s no secret that I prefer interiors with lots of color, but as far as mostly white spaces go, this is one of the better ones in my opinion. Subway tile will never go out of style, and the tulip table and shell chairs are classic for a reason. The light fixtures are really interesting too. I love the pops of color introduced into the space by the upholstery and the throw pillows. The colors range from subtle to not-to-subtle and it’s a great way to break up the white on white look.

Source: Decorpad

Not only is there a banquette in this dining nook, but it has a different type of flooring than the rest of the room, adding another level to the nook-ness of the space. I love that there are two different upholstery fabrics on the banquette and that the fabric on the seat mimics the pattern of the tile.

Source: Elizabeth Lawson Design

As much as I love corner banquettes, I think the wraparound banquette might be even better. For the most part, I’m not a big fan of Sputnik chandeliers, but it adds a bit of flair, making a somewhat bland space into something special.

Source: Zoe Feldman Design


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