Sophisticated New York Apartment

As much as I love color, all gray interiors really call out to me. Gray is often seen as boring or bland, but I think it’s actually the opposite. There are so many different shades—some warm, some cool—that the possibilities are endless when it comes to gray. This sophisticated New York apartment designed by Drake/Anderson shows how exciting and beautiful gray interiors can be.

While this room is predominantly gray, it is anything but bland. The mix of light and dark shades make the space feel dynamic and sophisticated. And the pop of yellow from the artwork adds hint of playfulness.

This dining room is amazing! I love the dramatic chandelier. The dining chairs are sleek and modern, yet still very unique. So chic!

This bedroom feels comfortable and relaxing, but still has an air of sophistication like the rest of the apartment. Like the living room, the multiple shades of gray add depth to the space. I love the artwork over the bed. The pops of color really help bring out the undertones in the various grays.

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