Bold, Color-Blocked Home

It’s no secret that I love color in interiors, but this home designed by Black Lacquer Design takes color to a whole new level. With plenty of show-stopping pieces throughout to draw your eye, this home really packs a punch.

That fireplace. Amazing. Not only did they paint the entire front a bright color, but they went with a bold shade of magenta. It’s definitely not for everyone, but I think it looks fantastic.

Then you have a bright red sofa to go with the magenta fireplace. Another bold choice, but it works. Every piece in this room makes a statement, which in a way tones down the loudness of each individual piece, making them all work together. It also helps that the walls are painted white, acting as a blank canvas for all the other colors.

This kitchen is really interesting. I’ve never seen counter tops like that before, let alone with a matching backsplash. The white faucet is an interesting choice too. It doesn’t match anything else in the space, making an otherwise ordinary piece really stand out.

I love those dining chairs, both the shape and the color. I’m obsessed with jewel tones, so the beautiful emerald is making me drool. They look really plush and comfy too.

This bedroom keeps up the colorful theme of the home, but it still feels laid back and relaxing. I love the blue bed frame and the bright pink curtains. Also, those table lamps are so cool.

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